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Is your television loud and annoying 

in your recreational area.



I just retired from Corrections with 20 years, while working this block with 80 inmates, it would get so loud with the inmates blasting the television to overcome the people talking in turn the people talking would talk louder to overcome the television the results were a headacke, and unable to hear an inmate call for assistance if needed.

To resolve this I did some research and tried various Fm transmitters with security on mind I needed something without a metal antenna that could be used as a shank, and to still be powerful enough to provide a good audio signal to the inmates portable Am / Fm  radios. After trying some less expensive Fm Transmitters some were not powerful enough, some had metal antennas which could be used as a weapon, I came across the whole house 3.0 transmitter which has more than enough power and compact enough to attach to the rear of the television out  of sight.with two antennas   your choice one out of hard plastic and a wire antenna for security reasons

This transmitter allows the officers to take back the control of the volume of the television and create some tranquility on the block. The transmitter setup is easy and quick once the installation is complete, you set it and forget it you can turn the television off leave the converter and transmitter on with no problems. When the television is on the volume can be turned down to a quiet volume, the inmates will adjust the volume to their desire with their personal Am/Fm pocket radio and listen to the television thru their earbuds clearly, this transmitter is so good they can listen to the television from 80 feet or more. The results are quietness, allowing your officers to listen to any disruptions on the block allowing them a more effective control of the block

Check out the size

Only 3 3/4" H X 2 5/8" W X 1" D




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 Small but very powerful, this Fm Transmitter worked so good that the inmates in their cells approx   80 plus feet away could listen to the television clearly with the portable Am/Fm Portable Radio                



 Easy and quick to install check this out

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       Attach the power        Attach the line in cord      Plug the RCA plugs to the   

               Power                       to the transmitter           audio out on TV

  You can velcro the transmitter to the rear of the television out of the way, I left the Fm Tranmitter I installed  at our Correctional Facility and on  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when we shut the television off.

 You may want to consider looking at your television to see what kind of audio output it has, you will need a analog audio output on your Television it will look like this


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Most Fm transmitters need a analog audio signal from the source such as your television, radio etc. otherwise it will not work, Sounds complicated don't worry installation is quick and easy simple as plug and play.  

 Audio Converters are used when you have a LCD television with only a doby digital or digital audio out source, you can see what you have by looking at your television spec sheet or look on the back of your television for audio out, If you need assistance feel free to give me a call, and leave a message I will return your call and assist any way I can. You can aquire more info on my Doby Digital to Analog Audio Adapter webpage or my Digital to Analog converter webpage.

The optical and digital cables can also be purchased here, prices will be displayed shortly.



To purchase contact Dave's Bargain Enterprise at 1-603-755-3851


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Comes complete with AC adapter and most audio adapters

     We also carry Am/Fm Portable Radios for the inmates both Analog and digital offered at an affordable price!

(Visit our webpage portable Am/Fm radios for inmates for details on the difference between analog and digital portable radios)

Our newest addition of portable analog radios is the SR202 am Fm Portable Radio, the SR202 has great reception and the price is affordable for the inmates.


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 If you have any questions call  Dave Proulx 1-603-755-3851 leave a message if im unavailable.

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Quick Start Set-up Instructions

  1. Connect your audio source to the Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 via one of the supplied audio cables (either the Stereo Headphone Jack or Stereo RCA jack)
  2. Select an unused FM station in your area (The station can be totally static or with some bleed over on it. our FM Transmitter should have no problem "walking over a radio station's bleed over)
  3. Set the FM Transmitter to that unused FM station (use the buttons on the side of the FM Transmitter)
  4. To begin broadcasting turn on the FM Transmitter by pressing down the switch on the top of the unit.
  5. Adjust any FM Radio to the signal that your are broadcasting on.
  6. Listen and Enjoy, It's just that easy!

Interesting Facts & Tips

  • The FM Transmitter will not drift between stations because of our advanced stereo PLL Digital Tuner Technology.
  • The FM Transmitter is designed to operate non-stop 24/7 with an electricity cost of about $1 a year.
  • The higher you place an antenna for a FM Transmitter the farther you will transmit.
  • Complete easy to follow plug & play instructions are included plus tips on getting the best distance possible.

WOW ONLY $124.99   

 How Far Does The Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 Go?

We guarantee 150 feet in all directions for a typical family home, that's over 70,000 square feet of coverage. Since the average home is around 2,000 square feet, according to National Association of Home Builders, it shouldn't be a problem to cover your entire house. Even Bill Gates' home is "only" 48,000 square feet!

      Wide Variety of frequencies to transmitt are offered with the new 3.0

88.1 through 107.9 (in 0.1MHz steps,i.e. odd & even

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